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 Bikers For Jesus

A National Biker Ministry for Christian Motorcyclists, Sharing the Love of Jesus Worldwide.
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Motorcycle Ministry Links

Bikers For Jesus Christian Motorcycle Ministry Links - Any of the links on this page are provided to you for your information, and suggest that you read their statements of faith and By-Laws before joining. Check back here often, we will be adding more links to Bikers For Jesus Motorcycle groups (And others and might not agree with all content) as we receive them,

if you have a web site that is not listed here please fill out the form at the bottom of this page Thanks!

If you or your group are unhappy with the M/M that you belong to for Biblical or operational reasons, you are welcome to make application to Bikers For Jesus at the bottom of this page .

Help us to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ Worldwide --- Christian Bikers, we may fly different colors but we are one in the Lord, AMEN! So let's work together in the unity of the Spirit against our common enemy. Amen and AMEN ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Australia  Bikers For Jesus Seeking Members
Ambassadors CMC, Sydney
Bikers 4 Christ CMF
Christ's Motorcycle Disciples M/M, Western Australia
Christian Motorcyclists Association of Australia
Christian Motorcyclists Association of Victoria
Christian Motorcyclists Association of Western Australia
Christian Motorcyclists Association of Queensland
Christian Sport Bike Association, Sydney
Covenant M/M
God Squad CMC Brisbane
God Squad CMC Sydney
God Squad CMC Tasmania
Messiah's Disciples M/M
Righteous CMC
Seed Of Abraham - Mission
Tribe of Judah M/M, Batemans Bay
Tribe of Judah M/M, Brisbane, Queensland
Tribe of Judah M/M, Gold Coast

C.M.A. Belgium's Homepage

Canada Bikers For Jesus Seeking Members
Azuza Streetriders M/M
Bikers for Christ M/M - British Columbia
Bond-Slaves CM/C - Ontario
Christian Bikers - British Colunbia
Christian Riders Motorcycle Club
Central New Brunswick Christian Bikers CMA
Club Maranatha M/C, Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick (French)
CMA Halifax Chapter
CMA Central New Brunswick
Covenant M/M Ontario
Heaven's Saints M/M Ontario
House of The Risen Son
International Christian Bikers Association Alberta, Ontario
Lord's Racing Team Québec
Seed Of Abraham M/C P.E.I.
Soul's Of Freedom M/M, Alberta
Pilgrims M/C British Columbia
Soldiers of the Light M/M, Quebec
Sons of God M/C
Parkland Freedom Riders
Reaching Out Riders

MC Kilden
MC Kirken


Gospel Riders ry.


Page de présentation des motards chrétiens
Jesus Bikers M/M

Die Motorradurlaube
EC-Motorradfahrer Siegerland
Holy Riders M/C
Jesus People Riding For God M/M


Seed of Abraham M/C India Missions

Covenant M/M - Nothern Ireland

Israel  Bikers For Jesus Seeking Members
Seed of Abraham M/C Jerusalem Mission


Christelijke Motorrijders Vereniging "Op Weg"
CMA The Netherlands
Messiahs Riders M/M
One Way

New Zealand
Bikers For Jesus Seeking Members
The Chosen Christian Motorcycle Club
Christian Motorcyclists Association
God's Squad CMC
Seed Of Abraham M/C
Servants for Christ M/C
Warriors of Zion M/M

Conquest M/C
Holy Riders M/C
Pilgrims M/C

  Bikers For Jesus Seeking Members
Seed of Abraham Mission

Boanerges M/C

South Africa  Bikers For Jesus Seeking Members
Soldiers for Jesus M/C


Believer M/C
Bikers Church Varmland
Heavens Bikers
Ichtys MCK 
MCK Freedom
Tyresö Fria

United Kingdom
Bikers For Jesus Seeking Members
(Special Link) Bibles for Bikers
The Fellowship Of Christian Motorcyclists
God's Squad CMC
Seed Of Abraham - Mission
Seventh Seal M/C
United States Bikers For Jesus Seeking Members
A.B.C. M/M Florida
All Bikes For Christ, North Carolina
Alpha-N-Omega M/C, South Carolina
Ambassadors For Christ M/M Texas
Apostles M/C Lancaster, California
Azuza Streetriders M/M, Louisiana
Azuza Streetriders M/M, South Carolina
Bandaids for Bikers M/M. Texas
Berlin M/M Texas
Biker Down Ministry, Rochester, NY
Bikers For Christ M/M National Site
Bikers For Christ M/M North Carolina
Bikers For Christ M/M - Massachusetts Chapter
Bikers for Jesus, Florida
Body for Christ M/M
Bond Slaves M/C
Bond Slaves M/C Arizona
Bond-Slaves M/C Arkansas
Bond-Slaves M/C Illinois
Bond-Slaves M/C Indiana
Bond-Slaves M/C Iowa
Bond-Slaves M/C Minneapolis, Minnesota
Bond-Slaves M/C Princeton, Minnesota
Bond-Slaves M/C St. Cloud, Minnesota
Bond-Slaves M/C St. Paul, Minnesota
Bond-Slaves M/C Missouri
Born Again Biker
Born Again Biker Evangelistic Ministry, Florida
Born Again Bikers Texas
Born Again Heathens, Missouri
Born Again M/M, Texas
Born To Die Motorcycle Ministry, California
Born To Die Motorcycle Ministry Northern Nevada/California
Breaking Chains M/M South Carolina
Broken Chains M/M Washington State
Brotherhood M/M, Georgia
Brotherhood Of Christ M/C, California
Brothers in Christ M/M South Carolina
Brothers of the Cross Louisiana
By the Grace of God M/M Wisconsin
By the Grace of God M/M
Calvary Riders M/M -Missouri - Oregon
Celebration Riders M/C, California
Center Of Hope Motorcycle Ministry Southern California
Chosen, Motorcycle Fellowship, Washington
Christ's Motorcycle Disciples M/M - California
Christ's Motor Club M-C - Mid-Cities, California
Christian Biker Magazine
Bikers For Jesus Seeking Members
Christian Biker Missionaries, Florida
Christian Motorcycle Fellowship, Kansas
Christian Sport Bike Association, California
Christian Sport Bike Association, MS / LA
Christian Sport Bike Association, South Carolina
Christian Sport Bike Association, Central Virginia  
Christian Riders Motorcycle Club, Vermont
Church In The Son, Phoenix, Arizona
Church In The Wind, Tyler, Texas
Circuit Riders M/M, International
Circuit Riders M/M, Texas

Bikers For Jesus Seeking Members

CMA Alaska
CMA Arkansas
CMA Calvary Riders Orange County, California
CMA Gospel Wheels San Jose/Gilroy, California
CMA King's Krusaders Concord/Walnut Creek, California
CMA New Hope Riders Visalia/Tulare, California
CMA Riders For Righteousness Modesto, California
CMA Spirit Warriors Sacramento, California
CMA Victory Riders Southern California
CMA Chariots of Hope Deltona, Florida
CMA Light Riders Gainesville, Florida
CMA Revelation Riders Indian River County, Florida
CMA Son Shine Riders Tallahassee, Florida
CMA Blessed Riders Georgia
CMA Middle Georgia
CMA Ambassadors Illinois
CMA Christian Eagles Illinois
CMA Illinois
CMA Chariots For Christ Illinois
CMA Indiana
CMA Iowa
CMA Rapture Riders Iowa
CMA Second Mile Riders Iowa
CMA Thunder & Light Iowa
CMA HyWay Harvesters Kansas
CMA Bluegrass Believers Kentucky
CMA Circuit Riders Kentucky
CMA Louisiana
CMA Cross Carriers Louisiana
CMA Ezekiel's Wheels Louisiana
CMA Faith Riders Louisiana
CMA Messiah's Riders Louisiana
CMA Peacemakers  Louisiana
CMA Redeemed Riders Louisiana
CMA Spirit Riders Louisiana
CMA Christian Spokes Maine 
CMA Bayside Believers Maryland
CMA Michigan
CMA Resurrection Riders Michigan
CMA Minnesota
CMA Crossroads Minnesota
CMA Eagle's Wings Minnesota
CMA Fellowship Riders Minnesota
CMA Rev-Elations Minnesota
CMA Spoke N Word Minnesota
CMA Wilderness Witnesses Minnesota
CMA Mississippi
CMA Cross Road Riders Mississippi
CMA God's Gulf Riders Mississippi
CMA Joy Riders Mississippi
CMA Rehoboth Mississippi
CMA Riders for the Son Mississippi
CMA Son Riders Mississippi
CMA Son Seekers Mississippi
CMA Sons of Thunder Mississippi
CMA of New England
CMA Revelation Riders Of Northern New Mexico
CMA Finger Lakes Faith Riders New York
CMA Long Island Lights New York
CMA Redeemed Riders New York
CMA Knights of the Light North Carolina
CMA Master's Messengers North Carolina
CMA Servants of Righteousness North Carolina
CMA, Master's Messengers, North Carolina
CMA Christ's Crusaders Mentor, Ohio
CMA Christ's Cruisers Cincinnati, Ohio

Bikers For Jesus Seeking Members

CMA Ohio
CMA Messiah's Knights Ohio
CMA Redeemed Riders Ohio
CMA Oregon
CMA Cross Road Riders Oregon
CMA Heaven Bound Riders Oregon
CMA High Desert Disciples Oregon
CMA Prayer Warriors Oregon
CMA Redeemed Riders Oregon
CMA Riders in the Storm Oregon
CMA Soul Wheelers Oregon
CMA South Coast Warriors for Christ Oregon
CMA Riders in the Storm Pennsylvania
CMA Tribe of David Pennsylvania
CMA South Carolina
CMA Mission Riders South Carolina
CMA The Light Brigade South Carolina
CMA Alamo Apostles Texas
CMA Crossroad Riders Texas
CMA Faith Riders Texas
CMA The Pineywoods Peacemakers Texas
CMA Cache County Crusaders Utah
CMA Mountain Curve Riders in HIS service Virginia
CMA Northern Virginia Christian Riders Virginia
CMA Washington
CMA Cycles for Christ Washington
CMA Destiny Riders Washington
CMA Good News Riders Washington
CMA Olympia Light Riders Washington
CMA West Virginia
CMA Wisconsin
Bikers For Jesus Seeking Members

Collective In Christ M/M, South Carolina
Cornerstone Motorcycle Ministry
Covenant M/M California
Covenant M/M Kansas
Covenant M/M Oklahoma
Covenant M/M Michigan
Covenant M/M New York
Covenant M/M North Carolina
Covenant M/M West Virginia
Covenant M/M Virginia
Covenant Riders M/C Illinois
Crossroads for Christ, Arkansas, Missouri
Crossroads M/C - New York
Cycle Disciples
Cycle Disciples Whittier, California
Cycle Disciples Los Angeles, California
Cycle Disciples Redding, California
Cycle Disciples Iowa
Cycle Disciples Kentucky
Cycle Disciples Michigan
Cycle Disciples Nevada
Cycle Disciples New York
Cycle Disciples M/C, Missouri
Disciples M/C - Northern California
Disciples of Christ M/C - Christian Motorcycle Club
Disciples of Thunder M/M Denver, Colorado
Disciple Riders Ministries North Carolina
End Time Warriors M/M, Arkansas
Eternal Riders M/M
Faith Riders M/M Minnesota
Faith Riders M/M Tennessee
Forever Free Posse M/M -Washington
Forgiven M/M Texas
Forgiven Child of God M/M - Alabama
Forgiven Child of God M/M North Carolina
Freedom M/M, Texas
Frontline Ministry M/M California
Full Gospel Motorcycle Riders Association, California
Glory Riders M/M, Florida
Hardcore For God, South Carolina
Heaven's Disciples M/C Florida
Heaven's Saints M/M - Alabama
Heaven's Saints M/M N. W. Florida
Heaven's Saints M/M Tampa Bay, Florida
Heaven's Saints M/M North Carolina
Heaven's Saints M/M - N. Georgia/Upstate SC
Heaven's Saints M/M Iowa
Heaven's Saints M/M Michigan
Heaven's Saints M/M New Jersey
Heaven's Saints M/M Oregon
Heaven's Saints M/M Midlands, South Carolina
Heaven's Saints M/M Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Heaven's Saints M/M Upstate South Carolina
Heaven's Saints M/M Tennessee
Heaven's Saints M/M Texas
Heaven's Saints M/M Virginia
Heralds of the Cross M/M, Inc. Chicago, Illinois
Heralds of the Cross M/M, Inc. Shellbyville, Illinois
Highways and Hedges M/M, Arkansas
His Blood Warriors M/M, Alabama
His Blood Warriors M/M, Georgia
His Faithful Few, M/M, California
His Laboring Few, Kansas
Holy Ghost Riders M/M
Holy Riders M/M-Alabama
The Holy Rollers Motorcycle Club
Holy Rollers M/M, Florida
Holy Spirit Warriors, Mesa, Arizona
Honor Bound M/M, National Site
Honor Bound M/M, Virginia Chapter
Hossana! Bikers, Minnesota
Jesus Is Lord M/M, Missouri
Kings Kids Motorcycle Ministry Cleveland, Ohio
Knights of Pentecost M/M, Alabama
Knights of the Word MM, Missouri
Lake City Riders Wisconsin
Last Day Riders M/M, North Carolina
Live Ride Ministries, California
Los Perdonados M/C
Lost and Found M/M, New Jersey

Loyal Sons M/C, Massachusetts
Melchizedeks M/C New York
Messengers M/M, California
Messengers M/M, National
Messiah's Disciples M/M, National
Messiah's Disciples M/M, Arizona 
Messiahs Disciples M/M Arkansas
Messiah's Disciples M/M, California
Messiah's Disciples M/M, Florida
Messiah's Disciples M/M Hawaii
Messiah's Disciples M/M Indiana
Messiah's Disciples M/M Maryland
Messiah's Disciples M/M Michigan
Messiah's Disciples M/M Montana
Messiah's Disciples M/M Nevada
Messiah's Disciples M/M, New Mexico
Messiah's Disciples M/M North Carolina
Messiah's Disciples M/M Maine
Messiah's Disciples M/M, Oregon
Messiah's Disciples M/M Pennsylvania
Messiah's Disciples M/M, South Carolina
Messiah's Disciples M/M, Utah
Messiah's Disciples M/M Wisconsin
New Life Riders MJM Indiana
Motorcyclists for Jesus Ministries, Kentucky
The Lighthouse Riders MJM Michigan
Motorcyclists for Jesus Ministries, Oklahoma
Wings of Eagles MJM Ohio
Motorcyclists for Jesus Ministries, P A Gospel Riders
Rapture Riders MJM New York
Gospel Riders MJM Pennsylvania
The King's Riders MJM Virginia
The Valley Christian Riders MJM Virginia
Narrow Road Riders M/M, Illinois
Narrow Way Riders M/M, South Carolina
Priesthood Motorcycle Ministry, National Site
Priesthood M/M, Richmond, Indiana Chapter
Prodigal Sons M/C, Virginia
Prodigal Sons M/M California
Prodigal Sons M/M Texas

Bikers For Jesus Seeking Members

Racers for Christ
Reaching Out Ministries International
Redeemed M/M, New Jersey
Remnant Riders, Nevada
Rhema Spoken Word of God M/M California
Ride for Him, Jesus Christ M/M California
Ride In The Light Ministries, Texas
Riders for the Cross M/C, Indiana
Riders Of Faith, Penn.
Riders Of The Cross M/M, California
Riders of the Lamb Ministry, New Jersey
Riding for the Firstborn M/M, Georgia
Righteous Riders CM/C New York
RiverTree Riders Ohio

Road to Glory Riders North Carolina
Road Riders For Jesus M/M, Missouri
Rolling Hope M/C Texas
Rugged Cross M/C New Jersey
Rugged Cross Christian Riders M/C, Illinois  
Russ Horton's Christian Motorcyclist Georgia
Second Mile Riders, Nebraska
Seed Of Abraham M/C National Site
Seed Of Abraham M/C Alabama Chapter
Road Help A Place To Stay Meet Christians
Seed Of Abraham M/C Georgia Mission
Seed Of Abraham M/C India Missions
Seed Of Abraham M/C Indiana Chapter
Seed Of Abraham M/C Jerusalem (Israel) Mission
Seed Of Abraham M/C Kentucky Chapter
Seed Of Abraham M/C Massachusetts Chapter
Seed Of Abraham M/C Missouri Chapter
Seed Of Abraham M/C New Jersey Chapter
Seed Of Abraham M/C New Mexico Chapter
Seed Of Abraham M/C North Carolina Chapter
Seed Of Abraham M/C Ohio Chapter
Seed Of Abraham M/C Pennsylvania Main Chapter
Seed Of Abraham M/C 2nd Pennsylvania Chapter
Seed Of Abraham M/C P.E.I. Canada Chapter
Seed Of Abraham M/C Rhode Island Chapter
Seed Of Abraham M/C South Carolina Chapter
Seed Of Abraham M/C Texas Chapter
Seed Of Abraham M/C Wisconsin Chapter
Seed Of Abraham M/C Wyoming Chapter
Bikers For Jesus Seeking Members

Servants for Christ, High Desert, California
Servants for Christ, Yuciapa, California
Servants for Christ M/C Colorado
Servants for Christ, Kentucky
Servants for Christ, National
Servants for Christ M/C Maryland
Servants for Christ, South Mississippi
Servants for Christ M/C Montana
Servants for Christ, New Jersey
Servants for Christ, North Carolina
Servants for Christ, Washington

Servants of the Wind, Texas
Six Seasons Christian Riders
Soldiers For Christ M/M, National Site

Soldiers for Jesus M/C California
Soldiers for Jesus M/C Colorado
Soldiers for Jesus M/C Florida
Soldiers for Jesus M/C Nevada
Soldiers for Jesus M/C Texas
Soldiers of the Cross, CMC. East Coast
Soldiers of the Cross CMC Virginia
Sons of God M/C
Sons of God M/C Alabama
Sons of God M/C Arkansas
Sons of God M/C Delaware
Sons of God M/C - Florida
Sons of God M/C - Independent Riders
Sons of God M/C - Indiana
Sons of God M/C Iowa
Sons of God M/C - Maine
Sons of God M/C Michigan
Sons of God M/C New Mexico
Sons of God M/C - Batavia, NY
Sons of God M/C - Buffalo, NY
Sons of God M/C North Carolina
Sons of God M/C Dayton, Ohio
Sons of God M/C Mid Ohio
Sons of God M/C Northern Ohio
Sons of God M/C - Oregon
Sons of God M/C - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sons of God M/C - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sons of God M/C - Palmetto, South Carolina
Sons of God M/C - Tennessee
Sons of God M/C - Middle Tennessee
Sons of God M/C Virginia
Sons of Isaac M/M Arkansas
Sons Of Thunder - Oregon
Soul Patrol M/M - North Carolina
Spirit Riders M/M, Florida
Sportbike Outreach - California
The Holy Rollers Oklahoma
The Live Ride Ministries, California
The Priesthood M/M Oklahoma
The Redeemed M/M - Alabama
The Resurrected CM/C Pennsylvania
The Robe of Jesus Christ M/M - New Jersey
The Way M/M
Under His Shadow Motorcycle Ministry Main Site
Under His Shadow Motorcycle Ministry Tennessee
Under His Shadow Motorcycle Ministry Virginia
Vermont Christian Riders M/M
Warriors for Christ M/C Mississippi
WC Riders, Texas
Wings in the Wind M/M

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